I CCRF is initiated in response to Thailand’s reading promotion policy and the country’s development guidelines according to the current and future National Economic and Social Development Plan. ICCRF will be an important milestone event for Thailand in becoming the hub of copyrights and content of publishing media and technology as well as other children’s innovations, and educational technology (Edtech) in ASEAN and eventually Asia. The event is also to offer a wider range of opportunities for Thai and ASEAN people in the industry to develop their potential and competitive advantages in children’s content creation and other related technology.

What can be expected at ICCRF?

1.) Exhibition: a trade show on copyrights and content for publishing media and technology for children and youth in the form of B2B among prospective publishing houses and other related parties to be a platform for establishing a network between different entrepreneurs in the industry, trading and exchanging content and copyrights for further implementation on both publishing media and technology. An important purpose here is to elevate the quality of children’s book industry to be equivalent or better than that of other countries. An expected number of exhibitors for this first-time event is 100 booths.

2.) Workshop: the feature is organized to be a platform for exchanging knowledge and sharing experience in the making of books and advancement of technology for children and youth by inviting keynote speakers with international and national acknowledgement in the industry to share their experience, knowledge and ideas on the subject matters. This feature is also to allow the audience and event attendants to further develop themselves professionally in the industry.

3.) “2017 Bologna Illustrators Exhibition”, curated by Bologna Children’s Book Fair/BolognaFiere will be showcasing illustrations for children’s books which were awarded in the famous Bologna Children’s Book Fair 2017. This is aimed to inspire Thai and ASEAN illustrators to develop themselves and advance their works to step into the international stage.

Other Activities

1.) ASEAN Illustration Contest offers a chance for Thai and ASEAN illustrators to submit and present their works to a wider public and expose their talents and creativity to the international standard.

2) Chiang Mai Maker Party is to be organized by one of the most famous Maker Clubs in Thailand, Chiang Mai Maker Club to show and tell their creativity and innovations as well as inspire ICCRF’s participants to ‘make’ as in the ‘maker movement’.