Chiang Mai Maker Party at ICCRF 2017

Chiang Mai Maker Party – an annual event of ‘Makers’ from both Thailand and oversea organized by Chiang Mai Maker Club; a member of Southeast Asia Makerspace Network (SEAMNet). The objectives of the event is to create a space for meeting, dialogue, knowledge exchange and sharing to create a network of ‘Makers’, encourage and support the work of Makers to get into its related industry and grow together with its creators.

Target audiences:

  • Maker, thinker, creator combining different things into an innovation or a product either it is an electronics’ work, fashion, a wooden or a metal piece of art, or even certain kind of cuisine
  • Businessman looking for an innovative solutions for certain organization problem
  • Investor looking for an innovation for further product development for sales
  • Students looking for a chance to create or becoming a ‘Maker’

2016’s event overview

  • Show & Tell: showcase of ‘Makers’ work
  • Maker Talk: an inspiring talk from expert and ‘Maker Pro’ to share their knowledge and a hand-on experience
  • Activity / Contest: competition organized for the Makers to show their well-rounded skills

Expected Activities

  • The previous event was organized during 30-31 January 2016
  • Number of participants: 826 pax
  • Age range: 7-70 years old
  • Show & Tell participants: 40 Booths
  • Foreign participants from: Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Finland, Hong Kong, Laos, and Vietnam

Show & Tell

In this event, we invite Makers from all over Thailand to join in order to build a network and allow them to get to know as well as show their work to one another. The event will also provide a space for knowledge exchange and get certain level of enthusiasm in Makers’ circle to create this kind of industry in Thailand

The event will also offer an opportunity for different interested parties involved in Maker’s circle to experience and exchange knowledge with one another and get to know each other. They do not have to be a Maker since there will be a lot more than

Maker in the event either a programmer, businessman or other public; especially children who come to the event with their parents.

Maker Talk

Maker Talk is a workshop and a talk by experts of different professions to share their useful story based on their real experience such as the stories on the Maker’s circle from both Thailand and oversea ranging from product development to the application of IoT in different industries.

The interesting topics of Maker Talk are “Thailand Maker Movement”, “One Maker, One Product”, “Product Design”, “the Use of IoT in Business” and “Iot for Agriculture” for example.


  • Downhill Racing
  • Bot Combat
  • Maze Robot
  • Kids Maker

The founder of Chiang Mai Maker Club

“In becoming a ‘Maker’, one will have to buy various equipment and tools to ‘make’ it at home and that would no doubt mean a fortune.

To economize and lessen the cost of all the equipment and tools; especially the big ones hardly used, the concept of ‘Maker Space’, was developed as a place where makers are able to rent these tools without investing a fortune to buy one and, of course, to make more inventions.

However, apart from those costs, another obstacle which is always under way of becoming a maker is learning. Inventions, nowadays, are created from different combinations; you need certain electronic and mechanical works as well as different art and design techniques including lathing, cutting and piercing. This wide range of skills and expertise is barely impossible to be found in any individual.

Chiang Mai Maker Club was founded with the philosophy to draw people with different talents together and let them exchange and share knowledge with one another to eventually work together on a single project in which the diverse talents are exploited. This way, 1+1 does not always equal to 2, but the result would be, instead, a multiplication of different abilities. It also allows the parties involved to learn new things in a shorter period of time especially when comparing to doing it on their own.

While the usual education such as university studies incubate us with a specialized and an in-depth knowledge and capability on specific field, there should be certain mechanics to unite different group of people from various fields to work together.

When it comes to learning together at a place like Chiang Mai Maker Club, it is unsurprising that the invention created from such learning session does not sustain. In other word, the invention just break down which is different from other personal invention which is usually well kept and maintained. This also goes together with what our clubs always says; “there is only two kinds of work here; ‘the work on process’ and ‘the used to be good’ one”.

It is nearly impossible to tell our members to maintain the old inventions because everyone wants to learn new things. This might also mean reusing old project’s equipment in the new project or if new people want to carry on learning the same thing, they make certain adjustments to the old invention and such. If we keep being worried about maintaining the old things, Maker Club, would eventually become a museum, instead.

The only way to sustain such a learning is to spread what one has learnt out. Therefore, Chiang Mai Maker Club has a very strict rule and philosophy in which the club members working on any project using the internal resources have to make the related result an open source. They are required to write an article with a detailed explanation on such project and make it available for the newcomers to learn about what they have done and achieved.

Chiang Mai Maker Club’s philosophy can be put this way; we unite the talented, we learn together and spread the knowledge out when we achieve an invention. The permanent knowledge and an efficient knowledge distributing system would eventually results in certain kind of monetary returns.”